Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ushuaia, El Calafate and the Holidays

I wanted to do something fun on Christmas day to make up for missing all the festivities at home so I spent the day at the end of the world in Ushuaia, Argentina with the wildlife.ushuaia 024

Found out that sea lions are called ‘lions’ because the males have a mane…learn something new everyday.  These aren’t males, just pregnant females.ushuaia 068 Went walking with penguins.  They sure do walk funny.ushuaia 095 It was on a wildlife preserve so we could get really close…you can see the mommy and baby right behind me.ushuaia 126

After an 18 hour, four border crossing bus ride, I’m up in El Calafate which is a pretty little town with lots of cafes and shops.  The main draw here is the Puerto Moreno Glacier which I visited yesterday.elcalafate 026 It’s ridiculously beautiful.  Our tour started out by walking along kilometres of balconies across from the glacier where we could eat lunch and watch huge chunks fall into the lake.  The sounds of cracking and thundering were amazing.elcalafate 030 Then we hopped on a boat to get closer.elcalafate 064

We walked through a lush forest….elcalafate 110.. and went trekking on the glacier for about 90 minutes. elcalafate 094 The trek ended with glacier ice in whiskey.elcalafate 099

So far, the holidays are shaping up pretty well.  :)


Christine said...

So cool. I love the pic of all of you hiking up the glacier. You must be getting in great shape! You look great!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Bold Adventurer. You're blazing a trail where no one (I know) has gone before. You would make Gene proud.