Sunday, January 2, 2011

San Carlos de Bariloche

On my way north and, finally, into some hot weather.  I actually wore sandals yesterday.  I got onto a bus that I thought was 18 hours but turned out to be 30 hours and ended up in Bariloche, a pretty little town on the edge of Lake Huapi.  It’s famous for skiing in winter and outdoor sports in summer but it’s also just nice for walking around.bariloche 004See…pretty bariloche 008

I hiked up to a cave that archaeologists say has had inhabitants for the past 8000 years.  bariloche 025It was quite the hike but the view was worth it.  There were some cool cave paintings that the local guide explained might be a rudimentary map of the area. bariloche 035 Then, I started the New Year out on horseback.  We got to go through fields, forests and mountains until reaching a beautiful waterfall.  This is my guide, Marie from France.bariloche 052 bariloche 057 I’m really hoping that this means 2011 will be the start of a new adventure and not a year filled with sore bums :)  Happy New Year to everyone still reading.

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