Sunday, June 20, 2010

walking in paradise

So here's the thing, taking a daily walk in Puerto Vallarta is a bit of a pain. It's blistering hot and humid. The sidewalks are little more than obstacle courses and pretty much everything is up a bloody hill or down a bloody hill but then you look around and this is what you see.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tengo una semana buena. En la clase, aprendo el presente progresivo y lo uso con conductores del autobús y otra gente. Esta semana, la escuela esta tieniendo un partido el miércoles por la noche. Abajo son algunos cuadros del partido. Ayer, mi compañero de clase, Witch (Vincent) y yo bebimos unas cervezas y miramos el juego de México Francia en una bar en el Malecon. La gente en la bar está muy excitada. Muchos gritos y dar brincos
I am having a good week. In class, I am learning present progressive and I am using it with bus drivers and other people. This week, the school had a party on Wednesday night. Below are some pictures of the party. Yesterday, my classmate, Witch (Vincent) and I drank a few beers and watched Mexico beat France at a bar on the Malecon. The people were really excited when Mexico scored a goal. Lots of shouting and jumping up and down.

tiros de tequilla Tequilla shots at school...what a great school :)

Oliver, Mitch, Frida, Claudia, Witch and me

Vincent y su novia hermosa, Ismerelda Witch and his beautiful girlfriend, Ismerelda

Mi maestra muy gracioso y agradable, Claudia My very funny and nice teacher, Claudia

México gana y bebemos en el malecon Mexico is winning and we are drinking on the Malecon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Puerto Vallarta is pretty cool. I've been saving the .70cent bus fare and walking most places so I'm getting familiar with the layout and where some stuff is. I've also completed my first week of Las Clases de Espanol and I can now say things like; La pluma esta en la mesa (the pen is on the taable) and Lavo mis manos todos las dias (I wash my hands every day).

Here are a few images from my walk home after class on Friday.

A typical street.

The malecon (boardwalk)

Cool sandcastles for tips

My classmate and I enjoying a Dos Equis beer after class