Monday, December 20, 2010

The Navimag

What, you ask, is the Navimag?  It’s part ferry, part cargo ship and part cruise ship that travels between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales in Chilean Patagonia.  navimag 081We boarded on a beautiful day and watched the volcanoes of the lake district disappearnavimag 017 

As we sailed off into the sunsetnavimag 019

That was the last time I saw the sun as we hit rough weather in the open seas.navimag 031

A lot of people were tossing their cookies but I had motion sickness pills for my roomies so we were mostly okay.navimag 152

Julia, Elizabeth and Jenny, who not only didn’t snore, but turned out to be a lot of fun.  The next day, we got to take a hike at a national park and through a small village.navimag 077

We also visited the biggest glacier in South America, Pio XInavimag 114

Where it was bloody cold but also incrediblenavimag 120The weather became a crazy thing that tormented and amazed us with freezing rain and heavy clouds…. navimag 134 stray shafts of sunlightnavimag 136

and rainbowsnavimag 138

It was a great trip that I would recommend to anyone, regardless of the weather.  The crew was fantastic, food was tasty and plentiful, the entertainment was great and the wine wasn’t too expensive, although, you could bring your own bottle to the pub.  They also gave lectures on the wildlife that we would see, Chilean phrases, glaciers and National Parks but mostly, we just watched the fiords of Patagonia slip by our decks. 

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