Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mendoza and Iguazu

Well, I’m heading down the final stretch and only have a few days left but I’m still enjoying Argentina.  Spent a few days in Mendoza which is the wine capital of the country and met some lovely ladies on a wine tasting tour.  We went out for a little tasting of our own as well as some delicious steak.mendoza (14)

I flew to Puerto Iguazu and spent all day today in the park. It’s absolutely fantastic.  Filled with kilometres of jungle and animals as well as a new waterfall around every corner.   One of these little guys stole my lunch…couldn’t catch him.iguazu 022 Butterflies were everywhereiguazu 086Lots of fantastic birdsiguazu 128  Reptilesiguazu 042 and, of course, the falls.  This was taken from a zodiac type boat that took us right up under the water.  It was like being under a fire hose but a pretty good way to cool down in the humidity.iguazu 094 There are so many waterfalls that it took all day to walk to them all.  Luckily, the park has a great series of boardwalks, paths and trains to get you around.  It was possible to walk around the bottom and over the top as well.iguazu 124


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Nice!! Thanks for the great pics fearless leader! I can almost smell the food from here! Happy to see you're having a blast!